Sensmi is a behavioural intelligence system that collects and analyses similar data to those that web technologies do – but in the store.

The information Sensmi provides is gold.

Everyone wins with data.

It helps identify your customers’ preferences earlier and respond to them faster

It’s what you need to craft the kinds of in-store experiences your customers want

Data made available through digital interactions has allowed retailers to craft superior online user experiences.

Now, you can do the same in store with Sensmi – and improve decision-making across your business in the process.

Sensmi adds value across the retail business, from the shop floor to the head office.

Data helps you make better decisions, faster. That translates into more sales, happier customers and reduced costs..

Sales and Merchandising

Read the room with Sensmi

Merchandisers need to know how to allocate valuable display space to meet sales targets per store and across the fleet. Sensmi’s wave and pick-up sensors provide them with accurate information on the products that excite shoppers’ interest – what they pick up and interact with, what they pass by, and what they eventually take home.

  • Measure the impact of
    – Product choice
    – Product placement
    – Display fixtures
    – Store layouts
    – Promotional concept prototypes
  • Benchmark display performance
  • Make better-informed procurement and fulfillment decisions
  • Share data with partner brands and vendors in real-time


Show and tell with Sensmi

Sensmi’s footfall, wave, and pick-up sensors help marketers understand the flow of customer traffic, as well as the effectiveness of in-store promotional content, during pilot and implementation phases. Most compellingly, Sensmi equips them to deliver highly relevant content when it will have the most immediate impact – directly in front of the shopper engaged with the product.

  • Develop, test, and optimise high-impact in-store marketing content
  • Schedule when and where it plays
    – Dayparting
    – Weather-based
    – Screen takeovers
  • Measure the impact of
    – Digital Marketing
    – Traditional media and out-of-home advertising
    – Window and entrance displays
  • Gain revenue from brands with a compelling in-store advertising solution

Business Operations

Get smarter with Sensmi

Retail operations teams, store and franchise managers, and buyers could all do with better tools to identify opportunities for growth, allocate resources intelligently, and benchmark and improve performance. With Sensmi, they are empowered to measure traffic, dwell time, and product lifts accurately and anonymously. All done in real-time and integrated with sales, staffing, and marketing data for deeper insights into store and fleet.

  • Make better-informed procurement and fulfillment decisions
  • Analyse traffic trends and adjust staffing
  • Add value to corporate reporting
  • Share data with partner brands and vendors in real-time

Information Technology

Extend your offering with Sensmi

Resellers, systems integrators, and other retailer partners want to provide them with easily managed technology that streamlines content delivery, saves costs, and brings in new sources of revenue. With Sensmi, they can offer a powerful set of solutions designed for maximal interoperability in the widest possible spectrum of retail categories.

  • Offer customers a sophisticated behavioural intelligence system enabling automated, data-driven interactivity and personalised content in store
  • Remotely control network settings and content delivery
  • Provide retailer customers with detailed analytics on traffic, engagement, and conversions in real-time
  • Broaden solutions options with content creation and media sales
  • Information Technology

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