How it Works

Sensmi is a behavioural intelligence system that collects and analyses similar data to that provided by web technologies.

Sensmi Platform

  • Cloud-based
  • Customisable data
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • User-level access
  • Definable roles and responsibilities
  • Custom graphs
  • Data filtration
  • Automated reporting
  • Dynamic scaling
  • Anomaly detection
  • Data aggregation to suit any granularity
  • Trends forecast utilisation
  • Export data as Raw, CSV or PDF
  • Alert management (threshold)

Our mesh wireless system connects sensor data to our bridges and, in turn, to our Sensmi hubs. This information is then securely transmitted to our portal.

Sensmi’s Platform gathers data on shoppers’ proximity to, and engagement with products in your stores

Uploaded to the cloud, this information accessible through a highly intuitive portal with a range of reporting and data visualisation capabilities.

Sensmi Bridge


  • Listens, translates, and relays data from Nexmosphere controllers to the Sensmi Hub
  • Mesh wireless communication
  • Fully integrated with MagicINFO CMS
  • Wired triggering via USB with a keyboard option
  • USB-C powered

Sensmi Hub


  • Consolidates all data from Sensmi Bridges
  • Connects and transmits directly to the Sensmi cloud platform
  • Encrypted wireless communication (WiFi/ Ethernet) with 2FA to Sensmi Platform
  • Built-in data storage buffer
  • Upgradeable firmware via OTA
  • Fully integrated with MagicINFO CMS for content triggering

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